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BE TRUE – Seitenwechsel Multi Sport Event - 27.07.2022, 5:30 pm

The Berlin Pride month has already started and we also want to celebrate together celebrate sporty with you.

On the 27th of July we will organize our BETRUE- Multi Sport Event in cooperation with Nike. We are happy that we can celebrate together with you on the sports field in Wienerstr. Sports under the colors of the rainbow and the Trans*Inter* Non-binary - Community-Flag will do sports.

(Wienerstr. 59 A-G, 10999 Berlin. Entrance directly at the corner of Glogauerstr.).

You are welcome to do your favorite sport or try out other sports. All sports are open for all Seitenwechsler*innen and also for FLT*I*- persons, who do not train with us yet, but would like to get to know Seitenwechsel. On this day, we will celebrate together, but also recharge our energy and strength to continue fighting for the rights of all LGBTIQ+ people.

So, pack your sports gear ahead of time, make a note of July 27th and be sure to sign up for it. Registration here

Enjoy reading our program and thank you to all the trainers, who will be offering open training at our BETRUE Multi Sport Event. All participants will receive a cool Betrue-functional sports shirt upon participation.

BE TRUE Program

Admission from 5:15 pm

to Registration

Futbol tournament

with Reni and Greta

During Pride month we want to play a tournament with you, where playing together is more important than winning. You can register as a single player or as a group, on site we will form mixed teams and play 7against7 together to get the ball rolling on the field. It doesn't matter if you have been playing soccer for one year or 20 years

Coach: Reni (she), Futbol on Wednesday at Seitenwechsel and Greta (she), Futbol on Montag at Seitenwechsel

BIPoC- Boxing

with Edna and Pepe

You can learn the basic techniques of boxing with our BIPoC trainers Edna and Pepe. Together we want to create a safe space to learn and develop our strengths. This offer is for Black, Migrant and PoC, WomenLesbianTrans*Inter* and Non-Binary people.

The training will be take in English.

Coach: Edna (she) and Pepe (she), BIPoC- Boxing on Wednesdays at Seitenwechsel.


with Itong

We move our workouts outside.... Every Wednesday for over 20 years, fitness training has taken place in the Lobeckstraße hall. So, we have not only survived the annual hall closures during all vacations and the corona crisis, but are still growing because we have fun together.

We cordially invite you to join us and be a part of it for one day. One participant once described it like a menu:

There is an appetizer: The main course is our strength endurance training and finally the dessert is stretching and relaxation. We are looking forward to seeing you!

We laugh a lot and train with motivating music - each according to the personal possibilities but all together!

Coach: Itong (she), fitness on Wednesday and Thursday at Seitenwechsel


with Karen

Karen has been trained as a pilates trainer* in 2018. She is excited to lead you on the mat at our Pride event. Her classes are based on the classic Pilates - training according to the six pilates - principles. She pays attention to the exact execution of the exercises. You can come whether you are a beginner or advanced, for each exercise there are variations, a little easier or a little harder. She is happy if you join her.

Trainer: Karen (she), Pilates on Wednesdays at Seitenwechsel.

Touch Rugby

no tackle, much fun mit Heike

Together we will learn the basic rules of No Touch Rugby, which can be played with 6-7 people per team. We will do passing and running exercises together, and then try our hand at playing together.

Touch rugby is suitable for everyone because instead of tackling, people are stopped by tapping touch. Each team has several attempts to run free in order to successfully pass the ball to the other side of the field.

The ball is not round, so it's something different. Throwing is done from "below", which makes catching easier ;) 

Coach:  Heike (she), basketball on Monday at Seitenwechsel.

Power*Fitness - HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

with Martin

Only 45 minutes, but very intense and with pulsating music! A mix of cardio and strength endurance. That's all you need to sweat and burn calories!

Feel your body! The workout is suitable for all levels. All you need is comfortable clothes, a towel, plenty of water and of course energy!

Coach: Martin (No pronoun), Power*Fitness and Canoe Trainer at Seitenwechsel


with Sara

This afternoon we have the opportunity to spend some time with Sara and enjoy: Ball handling & shooting to reading and reaction drills to playing games.

Coach: Sara (no pronoun/she), Basketball on Wednesday at Seitenwechsel


with Giulia

With Trash*Dance we will finish our Pride event together. We will train our sense of rhythm and our flexibility away from the known dance school body norms. No matter if you are old, young, fat, thin, butch*, femme*, TIN, talentless or ambitious. This is about music, movement and the fun of performing together. All FLT*I* are welcome.

Coach: Giulia (she), Trash*Dance on Thursday at Seitenwechsel

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Registration BE TRUE – Multi Sport Event

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We'll send you an email if the location changes due to inclement weather or if we have to cancel the event for any reason. 

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