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Exercise and sports for refugees LGBTI*Q

The aim of the project is to encourage LGBTI*Q refugees to engage in sustained physical activity, for example to reduce psychological stress and lead a healthier lifestyle. This can contribute to the participants' better integration into the communities and the city society through sport.

Fugitives are already allowed to use free offers from the club "Seitenwechsel", but so far, the number of participants has been low. We have been able to identify several remaining barriers. These barriers include finding the way to the sports hall, lack of money for tickets, language barriers and being the only refugee in a sports course. Therefore, we would like to build a bridge to club offers in case of a change of sides or other clubs by first creating offers on site and thus giving refugees the opportunity to start with sports and exercise, to reduce fears, to strengthen self-confidence and to feel more balanced physically and mentally. It is our intention to encourage the participants to try out other sports activities in clubs and to inform them which courses are offered in English and German, to give directions and what else is important for them.

Contact: queer_refugees(at)

The project is promoted by the Berlin Senate Department for the Interior and Sport (Teilhabeprogramm)