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OUT*side Program


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As part of our project, OUT*side – movement and sport for trans*, inter*, non-binary folks and women* friends, we worked together with partners TriQ, Gladt e.V. and Sonntags-Club to organize a range of free health-related activities and workshops on empowerment through movement at locations throughout Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg in 2017. This project is sponsored by the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg's planning and coordination department for health.

Training sessions are open to people of all levels of fitness, free of charge and not bound to a club. As of September 2018, all of our coaches are trans*, inter* and/or non-binary.

Current program 2020 - Berlin-Outdoor:

That was our summer programme 2020:

Here our programme 2020 - ONLINE- LIVE Training (April to June 2020):

CoronaVirus Time

We have decided to offer online sport trainings for trans*, inter* and nonbinary people as part of the OUT*side project. We know that they can be strongly affected by the current "shutdown" and especially by health impairments and consequences. For this purpose, we have the OUT*side project. Because especially in this time we think it is important to pay attention to each other and try to provide a safer space.

Now you don´t have to be in Berlin to joy us! :-P

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(for trans*, inter*, and non-binary folks an women*friends)

Date: 11 October 2020
Meeting point: Gesundbrunnen station, platform 9 (in front in the direction of travel) at approx. 9.20 h
Departure: 9.39 h with the regional train RE3 (direction Schwedt) to Chorin


Between Chorin and Liepe: the Plagefenn


A good hundred years ago, the moorland area called Plagefenn became the first nature reserve in northern Germany. Our hike leads through this wooded area. Although the moors have suffered greatly during the last two dry and hot summers due to the lack of water, what remains is a beautiful mixed forest with an old stock of trees.
The hike begins and ends in Chorin. The view first goes to a monument of the North German brick Gothic style: the Chorin monastery complex. We hike through the forest to Liepe, which lies on the edge of the Oderbruch. Then we take the path via the Lieper Forsthaus back to Chorin.


Route length: approx. 20 km


Ticket information: In order to keep travel costs as low as possible, it is advisable to buy a Brandenburg ticket. Please indicate on your registration form whether you are interested in the Brandenburg-Ticket.

Coacher: Nora (66), Transwoman, board member of TransInterQueer e.V. For more than 10 years I have been travelling in Brandenburg and have got to know fascinating landscapes through my numerous hikes. I would like to pass on my rich knowledge and experience within the framework of a hiking group. I would like my fascination to be contagious. See more about Nora...

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(for trans*, inter*, and non-binary folks)

4 Dates: 23.7. / 4.8. / 17.8. / 1.9.
: 6 pm - 9 pm
: German and English

Thursday 23.7.2020 Ayers Rock Schöneberg
Meeting point: Ayers Rock Felsen at the playground in Mariendorf (entrance Richterstraße, 12105 Berlin). Link to map here.

Tuesday, 4.8.2020 Stonehenge Friedrichshain
Meeting point: Volkspark Friedrichshainat the 'Stonehenge' bouldering wall; easy access from the entrance at Danzigerstraße, the wall is located across from the beach volleyball courts. Link to map here.

Monday 17.8. Schillerpark Mauer, meeting point: corner Barfusstraße/Edinburger Str. 38, the walls are located around the Schiller Denkmal

Tuesday 1.9. Ayers Rock Schöneberg
Meeting point: Ayers Rock Felsen at the playground in Mariendorf (entrance Richterstraße, 12105 Berlin). Link to map here.

On four evenings, we will climb at different outdoor bouldering walls in Berlin. Instead of a rope and harness, we'll climb in a safe jumping height with boulder mats (crashpads) underneath! We'll warm up together and go through a few basic climbing techniques and safety points. Then you are free to try different "problems" – from simple to tricky. Bouldering strengthens many different muscle groups, and helps increase your overall strength, endurance and concentration skills. Movements can be slow and steady or quick and dynamic. You decide what level and type of climbing is the best fit for you. You'll need to bring comfortable clothing, a water bottle and athletic or climbing shoes. The event will be canceled in case of heavy rain. 

Coach: Finn Rebelle, our Bouldern coach is 31 genderqueer, passionate climbing trainer & fitness coach, founder of Out*side cooperation partner Queerclimb
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Covid-19 - safety measures:

  • please keep a safety distance of 1,5 meters during training
  • please don't participate if you feel sick or ill
  • if possible, use liquid chalk (liquid magnesia)
  • please desinfect your hands inbetwee

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(for trans*, inter* and non-binary folks)

4 Dates: 
24.07., 07.08., 04.09., 18.09.2020, in each case friday at 7pm - 9pm
We meet on time at 6:45 pm and go in together.

Place: Beach 61 (Main entrance) (park side/U-Bahn bridge). Park Gleisdreieck
Languages: German/ English 

Technique exercises followed by free play. Do you want to learn beach volleyball or just have fun playing sports? Then come by and learn the basics of the game, then try it out for yourself during free play. We'll start the session with a round of introductions with names and pronouns. Then we will begin with a crash course in overhand and underhand serving. The rest oft he time we make free play. The main goal here is to have fun! For all trans*, inter*, and non-binary folks. Limit 9 participants. Unfortunately, the changing facilities and restrooms on-site are labelled to binary spaces for men and women.

Coach: Christopher* Ballsport+, mondays at Seitenwechsel e.V.
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(for trans*, inter*, and non-binary folks and their women* friends)

On Sunday, 2nd of August from 12 o'clock
Meeting place: S-Bahn Neukölln

Language: German and english

We want to take a leisurely cycle tour of about 20 km along the beautiful R1 cycle path through forests and past bathing lakes from Berlin-Spindlersfeld to Erkner.


We meet at 12:00 am at the S-Bahn Neukölln and ride together with the S-Bahn to Spindlersfeld (5 stops), the starting point of our tour.

During the tour we will look for a quit place by a lake where we can have a picnic together. If you feel like it, you can of course also go for a swim in the lake!

If you feel like cycling more than 20 km after arriving in Erkner at around 4:30 / 5 p.m., we will offer to go on another short tour around Erkner or cycle part of the R1 back towards Berlin together. All others can take the train back from Erkner with the other person of us.


  •  Paved paths along the whole route
  • mostly in the forest, past bathing lakes and through the old town of Köpenick
  •  there will be stretches of cycle paths on roads along the way

what you need to bring:

  •  a bicycle with inflated tires, which is ready to ride 20 km on paved roads
  • we recommend wearing a bicycle helmet for safety
  • a mouth-nose cover (for the train ride)
  • snacks for the picnic and drinks
  •  two BVG tickets Berlin AB and (A)BC for you and your bike
  • optional- a picnic blanket and swim wear
  • depending on the weather - weatherproof clothing

This trip is free of charge, you only need to buy a ticket Berlin AB and one Berlin (A)BC for you and your bike (without discount in total 11,10€).

We are looking forward to cycling with you!

Jo* and Julian*Noah

Coach: Julian*Noah (he) has been doing sports with Seitenwechsel for four years - Julian*Noah loves to play football, (power*)fitness, yoga, bouldering, swimming, hiking and cycling tours or exploring nature on the water in a canoe. In his work on the advisory board of Seitenwechsel, Julian*Noah tries to create more offers where trans* inter* and non-binary people can feel comfortable and safe and where they can do sports in the absence of gender and body norms. See more...

Jo* (no pronoun) Exercise and sports - especially outdoors in nature - give Jo* balance and strength. Jo*'s favourite element is water. As a young person Jo* was a swimmer* and then discovered the fascination of endurance sports. Jo* came to triathlon as a teenager* with running and road cycling. To move and to feel your own body is an empowering experience for Jo* and means for Jo* to break with gender attributions. See more...

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Kung Fu basics Full Body Training with Kristianne

(for trans*, inter*, and non-binary folks)
Time: 6 pm - 7:30 pm
Language: English

We still have a body irregardless of having to be in isolation from others. Why not train Kung Fu in distance TOGETHER. Turn your room into a training studio where you get to sweat, learn basic Kung Fu body conditioning training, feel and get stronger. We will work with strengthening exercises, learn basic kicks, punches, stance and flexibility. We will challenge our bodies to wake up and feel our blood flowing. Then in the end we will enjoy a short meditation. All is welcome. Don't forget your water, small towel and body!

Coach:  Kristianne Salcines. Our teacher is a Filipino, immigrant, queer artist of color. The majority of Kristianne’s training in martial arts includes: Filipino Martial Arts, Taiji, qigong, Yang taiji, Chen taiji, Praying Mantis, and Pigua form. BIPoC-Kung Fu by Seitenwechsel

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Meditation with Sarra

(for trans*, inter*, and non-binary folks)

Time: 6:30 pm - 8 pm
Language: English 

Especially now in times of uncertainties, more than ever we need to be able to find the connection to our true home inside of ourselves to ground and nourish ourselves and find the necessary stability to face our daily challenges, inside and outside of ourselves.
Meditation and mindfulness practice can help us to build this beautiful home inside of us where we can find refuge. We will work with our breathing, our bodies and minds and get to explore different topics around joy, suffering and resilience together. This space is suitable for any level of experience. No prior experience is required, only curiosity and openness :)

Coach: Sarra Bouars (they/them) Tunisian-German with ancestral roots in sufism. My spiritual journey started with Hatha Yoga and Vipassana Meditation in 2009. I’ve been practicing ever since and have been exposed to many different meditation styles and practices. My spiritual home I found in the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh in the Plumvillage Tradition, which is an engaged buddhism rooted in mindfulness and the understanding of interbeing.

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Here is an audio from Sarra so you can do a little meditation practice with Sarra. Enjoy!

Power*Fitness Workout (HIIT) with Martin and Dell Robben

(for trans*, inter*, and non-binary folks)
Time: 7:15 - 8:30 pm 
Language: mix between English, German and Spanish!

In this days we need more than ever to be in contact with our Trans, Inter and Non Binary community and sports is always a great way to do that. If you like to workout, or you always wanted to try, or you miss move your Body, or contact with people? Let's meet one hour and try to follow Martin and feel your Body. We will do High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT) Full Body Workout. The goal is to stay in shape, get in shape and sweat a lot. All level are welcome. All you need is interest and a big bottle of water!


Dell Robben is Ugandan former middle-distance runner who specialised in the 800 metres. Three-time national champion at the Ugandan Athletics Championships. She represented her country at the 2011 World Championships in Athletics and was the 800 m gold medallist at the 2011 All-Africa Games.

Martin Muz
(they/them). A spanish guy who live in Berlin since ten years and since then try to bring more accesibilty in sport to them TINB Comunity. Personal Fitness Trainer, Power*Fitness Coach by Seitenwechsel and Canoe Polo Coach.

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This project is sponsored by the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg's planning and coordination department for health.


Seitenwechsel in Kooperation mit TrIQ, Gladt e.V. und dem Sonntags-Club