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OUT*side Program

As part of our project, OUT*side – movement and sport for trans*, inter*, non-binary folks and women* friends, we worked together with partners TriQ, Gladt e.V. and Sonntags-Club to organize a range of free health-related activities and workshops on empowerment through movement at locations throughout Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg in 2017. This project is sponsored by the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg's planning and coordination department for health.

Training sessions are open to people of all levels of fitness, free of charge and not bound to a club. As of September 2018, all of our coaches are trans*, inter* and/or non-binary.

Autumn-Program 2019:

  • GRAPPLING WORKSHOP (for trans*, inter*, and non-binary folks and their women* friends)
  • HIKING DAY (for trans*, inter*, and non-binary folks and women* friends)
  • OUT*side EVENING: YOGA, MARTIAL DANCE and FREE DANCE (for trans*, inter*, and non-binary folks and their women* friends)
  • EIS SKATING (for trans*, inter*, and non-binary folks and their women* friends)


(for trans*, inter*, and non-binary folks and their women* friends)

Sunday, 1 December 2019
Time: 2 pm – 7:30 pm  

Place: Alia Center, Wrangelstraße 84 A
Languages: German, English

On Sunday, December 1st, we want to enjoy a nice afternoon with you and try out different workshops in which we can move and feel our body. Yoga, Martial Dance and Free Dance are the three suggestions we offer you for this afternoon. You can enjoy them all or just one of them as you like or your body permits you!

YOGA HATHA FLOW (14-15:30)

Most yoga places are very cis-, hetero- and body normative. In this offer we want to experience our bodies, minds and souls in a more protected setting. Yoga offers the opportunity to get to know one's own body and to (re)acquire it, to feel one's own power and to accept the body within its limits. Yoga teaches us patience as well as to observe without evaluating, brings us back to breathing and lets us come to rest. In the Outside Trans*Inter*NB yoga class we want to strengthen and stretch muscles and mind, mobilize joints, find balance, release tensions and develop fun in movement and on our own body in an alternation of tension and relaxation.

The class includes meditative elements, breathing exercises (pranayama), breathing based flow through sun salutation variations as well as a selection of classical asanas of Hatha Yoga.

All bodies are welcome.

Coach: Ivo, non-binary, has many years of yoga experience; completed their  yoga training in September 2018, is happy to teach yoga in trans*inter*non-binary, body-positive spaces.

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MARTIAL DANCE(16:00-18:00)

This class is deeply inspired by the principles of traditional martial arts and improvisational dance combine. The swiftness of martial arts and its connectivity with the environment and borrowed energy and the non-attachment of improvisation and creative existence in space and decision making in real time. We will explore basics principles of Kung Fu and in combination with Dance Improvisation and Contact Improvisation explorations.

This combination makes a fun filled, sweat inducing, community building space of movement. Letting go and letting some good in. The class puts you in a playful filled exploration of your body and its ability to relate, contrast, connect, and be in the present moment.

Expect to play, to let your inner child roam wild as it reconnects its relationship with the body that you have now. We will work on our reflexes, rediscovering our feet, our fear and excitement to the floor and maybe even flying. With trust all is possible.

The class welcomes all levels of exposure in both dance and Kung Fu. If you are open to explore, this is the right class for you.

Coach: Kristianne Salcines. Our teacher is a Filipino, immigrant, queer artist of color. The majority of Kristianne's training in martial arts includes: Filipino Martial Arts, Taiji, qigong, Yang taiji, Chen taiji, Praying Mantis, and Pigua form.

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FREE DANCE (18:15-19:30)

Dancing just for fun: informal, without coercion, pressure or fear of funny looks and comments. Dancing for you, dancing together, approaching each other while dancing, perhaps being the centre of attention on the dance floor - we want to encourage and practice all this here. Fun is in the foreground, and you can bring your own music with you, so that everyone can have a say in what you are dancing and what you are dancing for.

For trans*, inter*, non-binaries* accompanied by their women friends*.
Trans* feminine (self-definition) we would like to encourage especially.

Coach: Joey. Joey is really a writer, but finds it very difficult to sit still for long periods of time. So Joey loves to dance – with no particular style in mind, but plenty of vivacity and energy. 

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(for trans*, inter*, and non-binary folks and their women* friends)

Thursday, 21.11., 28.11., 5.12., 12.12. and big traditional finale with Glühwein and biscuits on Wednesday 18.12.

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Place: Eisstadion Neukölln, Oderstrasse 182, 12051 Berlin

Languages: German, English

The trainings are open for all levelsIn this workshop we will learn the basic techniques of skating, e.g. choosing and putting on skates, finding balance, first steps, falling, braking, cornering, running backwards and riding with the non-preferred foot. But above all, we learn to laugh at ourselves because we need to learn that more than anything else when skating. All levels of skaters are welcome to have fun with us on the ice.

On 18 December we would like to celebrate the last OUT*side date of the year again with cookies and (non-alcoholic) Glühwein on the ice!

Coach: Skyler grew up in the country in Canada, where his father built an ice rink in the garden every winter. Skyler skated there for hours. As a teenager he played Ringette for the local team, the Renfrew Timberwolves. Ringette is a comic imitation of hockey, designed for girls, with the blade cut off from the hockey stick and a soft rubber ring instead of a puck. Skyler was not enthusiastic! In his twenties he finally found a lesbian hockey association where he could play in peace. Today he would prefer to be a figure skater, but still wears ice hockey skates.

Attention! Admission and shoe rental are NOT included in the offer. Admission costs 3,30 €.

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(for trans*, inter*, and non-binary folks and their women* friends)
Sunday, 22 September, 20 October, 10 Novermber and 8 december 2019
Time: 12 pm - 2:30 pm  
Place: Gym Urbanstr. 166 (22.09.) / Hector-Peterson-Schule, Tempelhofer Ufer 15, 10963 Berlin (20.10.2019, 10.11.2019 and 08.12.2019)
Language: German

I would like to provide you with an introduction to the sport, which is strongly focused on relaxation, technique, and tactics. I want to teach you the basics of grappling, and the workshop is primarily adressed to beginners and participants with limited experience in grappling. In the first part of the workshop we will start with warmup and coordination exercises to familiarize ourselves with how to move on the ground. In the second part we will focus on basic grappling positions, including how to achieve these positions and how to break our opponent's grip. We will be completing these exercises together with partners. Depending on the group, we will also offer the opportunity for interested participants to engage in a round of casual sparring at the end of the training session.

This is an ongoing workshop in which different positions and aspects of ground fighting are taught each time. It is therefore worthwhile to take part in all appointments, but those who don't want to or can't are still welcome every time. So grab a friend and sign up or come alone. I am looking forward to you

So come and sign up or grab a friend and register together. I'm looking forward to working with you!

Lenn, extensive experience in different sports and forms of martial arts, currently serving as a kickboxing coach at Seitenwechsel e.V. and a coach for Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate in an independent group. Al, 2nd Dan Allstyle Kickboxing and Kickboxing Side change Trainer and Lenn, 2nd Dan Goju-Ryu Karate/ 1st Dan Allstyle Kickboxing

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(for trans*, inter*, and non-binary folks and women* friends) 

Date: 14 December 2019

Meeting point: Gesundbrunnen station, platform of the regional train to Schwedt at approx. 10.20 a.m.

Departure: 10.39 a.m.

Route length: approx. 16-17 km

Language: German and English


Our first winter hike takes us to Chorin (starting and finishing point). The trail leads us first to Chorin Monastery, an impressive architectural monument of the brick Gothic style in northern Germany. Via the Lieper Amtsweg we follow a branch to Plagefenn, an extensive moorland area, and from there we follow the Denglerweg directly to the ecovillage Brodowin. In Brodowin we will have an ideal resting place in the farm shop. There you will find food and drinks and of course a toilet. A table reservation is possible and secures us places. For the way back we pass the White Lake. We then walk along the Nettelgraben and via Theerofen back to Denglerweg and finally to Chorin Monastery.


To make the fare as cheap as possible: A Brandenburg ticket could be purchased for a maximum of 5 people each. I would take care of the procurement of such a ticket, if it is clear whether the weather plays along on the hiking day and how many people have registered. When registering, please let me know if you are interested in the Brandenburg-Ticket.


Advance notice: There will be a second winter hike in January or February (then perhaps with a little snow) around the Liepnitzsee. Then we would also have a warm resting place, namely in the youth hostel Liepnitzsee in Ützdorf. More details will follow.


Coacher: Nora (65), Transwoman, active member of TransInterQueer e.V. For more than 10 years I have been travelling in Brandenburg and have got to know fascinating landscapes through my numerous hikes. I would like to pass on my rich knowledge and experience within the framework of a hiking group. I would like my fascination to be contagious.


This project is sponsored by the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg's planning and coordination department for health.


Seitenwechsel in Kooperation mit TrIQ, Gladt e.V. und dem Sonntags-Club