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OUT*side Program


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As part of our project, OUT*side – movement and sport for trans*, inter*, non-binary folks and women* friends, we worked together with partners TriQ, Gladt e.V. and Sonntags-Club to organize a range of free health-related activities and workshops on empowerment through movement at locations throughout Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg in 2017. This project is sponsored by the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg's planning and coordination department for health.

Training sessions are open to people of all levels of fitness, free of charge and not bound to a club. As of September 2018, all of our coaches are trans*, inter* and/or non-binary.

CoronaVirus Time

We have decided to offer online sport trainings for trans*, inter* and nonbinary people as part of the OUT*side project. We know that they can be strongly affected by the current "shutdown" and especially by health impairments and consequences. For this purpose, we have the OUT*side project. Because especially in this time we think it is important to pay attention to each other and try to provide a safer space.

Now you don´t have to be in Berlin to joy us! :-P

Here our programme Februar-März 2021 - ONLINE- LIVE Training:

For trans, inter and no binary folks:

For trans, inter and no binary folks and women friends:

For queer folks:

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(for trans*, inter* and non-binary folks)
Date: Mondays
, Last Dates: April 12th, April 19th. Attention on April 5th there is no training because of Easter.
Zeit: 6:30 – 7:45 pm
Sprache: German

In this offer we want to experience our bodies, minds and souls in a protected environment. Yoga offers the opportunity to get to know your own body and (re) appropriate it, to feel your own strength and to accept it within its limits. Yoga teaches us to observe without judging, brings us back to breathing and lets us come to rest.
In the Outside trans* inter* and non-binary yoga class we want in Alternating tension and relaxation, strengthening and stretching muscles, mobilizing joints, finding balance, releasing tension and having fun. There will be challenges that might make us sweat, as well as relaxation exercises that allow our mind and body to take a break. I would like to focus on just getting a little bit moving together and oiling the body

The trainings are open to all levels. No previous knowledge required.

Coach: Ivo (er), trained yoga teacher since 2018. Yoga is an important part of my everyday life, helps me to keep my body flexible and my mind balanced. Yoga is a helpful practice for me to keep reminding myself of serenity, focus and breathing.

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(for trans*, inter* and non-binary folks)
Date: Tuesday

Time: 6:00 – 7:00 pm
Language: German

Binders force us into a forward-pulled posture, which can lead to neck, chest, shoulder and back pain or tension. Breathing is difficult. The ties restrict freedom of movement and can lead to incorrect posture / imbalances.
In the course we want to do beneficial strengthening and relaxation exercises for straightening the spine for an hour. Through gentle stretches and targeted strengthening of the upper body, we bring imbalances back into balance. We open the chest so that we can breathe more deeply again, relieve the neck and lower back.
We strengthen the back of the shoulder and the upper back. For the course, please wear a strap or something similar that is as comfortable as possible, not the tightest you have.
We need a yoga mat or a comfortable, non-slip pad, a towel approx. 60 x 90 cm and / or a broomstick and small dumbbells of 0.5 or 1 kilo (alternatively, e.g. filled water bottles).

Coach: Joon (er) is a licensed trainer for health sports and rehabilitation sports / orthopedics and prefers to offer queer sports with Seitenwechsel and Pfeffersport. I am happy to be able to create another space with you, in which we can feel comfortable with our bodies as they are and our identities - without binary performance pressure, passing pressure whatever ...

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YANG-STYLE TAIJIQUAN with Kristianne (Tai-Chi)

(for trans*, inter* and non-binary folks)

Appointments: Wednesdays, last dates: 7.04. und 14.04.
Time: 7 pm - 8 pm
Language: English

As a first introduction to Kung Fu, I had to learn the importance of Taichi. Many do not know that Taiji or taichi was and still is used for Kung Fu training. Together we will go through the modern short form of Yang-taiji. We will start with warm-ups to warm the body. We might do a little bit of body conditioning, then we will learn 3-4 movements of the 24 short form of Yang taiji. I have learned taiji,  I am not a trained teacher in it. But I am open to sharing my knowledge.

Coach: Kristianne Salcines. Our teacher is a Filipino, immigrant, queer artist of color. The majority of Kristianne’s training in martial arts includes: Filipino Martial Arts, Taiji, qigong, Yang taiji, Chen taiji, Praying Mantis and Pigua form. Kristianne is BIPoC-Kung Fu und Martial Dancing coach by Seitenwechsel.

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(for Trans* Inter* not binary and women friends)

2 dates: Thursday, last dates: April 8th. April 15 and April 22. Attention on April 1st there is no training.
Time: 18:30-19:30
Language: English with German support

On two dates in December Moritz will introduce you to the Feldenkrais Method. This somatic method is named after its founder Moshe Feldenkrais. Moritz teaches lessons in Awareness through Movement. These lessons teach a better perception of everyday movement patterns and enable you to learn movement alternatives. Feldenkrais is appropriate for everyone, even if you have pain or limitations. No previous knowledge necessary.
Please have a mat or blanket at hand on which you can lie comfortably and dress warm and comfortable. It would also be good if you could align your camera so that I can see you. 

Trainer: Moritz G. Sander "Some people know me in the queer Berlin scene from other contexts, for example as a moderator or drag king. I completed my training as a Feldenkrais teacher in 2018 and I am happy to be able to make this offer to the FINT Community now through the OUTside Project".


(for queer folks)

Date: Mondays and Fridays, last Dates: Monday: April 12th and 26.04. and Friday: April 9th 04/16 and 04/23 Attention: no training on April 2nd. and 5.04. because of Easter.
Time: 9 – 10 am, 
Language: English

Meditation is a traditional practice that prepares our brains and souls to connect with the present and to effectively shape our future through breathing techniques. I have been able to find myself and accept myself through meditation and I would love to share my knowledge with you, to guide you through an experience that will help you connect with your inner self, to relax and to charge your energies. I am trained in guided meditations and have been practising privately throughout 2020. Every class I will teach you a bit about chakras and energies to later guide you to a beautiful place where you'll find peace. No previous experience needed, come as you are!

Coach: Rhama is a non-binary multidiscplinary artist from Chile, based in Berlin since 2015. They are trained in Acting, Movement, Hair & Make-up and Meditation. They are very passionate about all of them and also about singing. 'I enjoy so much sharing myself and my knowledge with people, especially the queers. My artistry and work is dedicated to us, because we are wonderful!'

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This project is sponsored by the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg's planning and coordination department for health.


Seitenwechsel in Kooperation mit TrIQ, Gladt e.V. und dem Sonntags-Club