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OUT*side Program

OUT*side survey: best sports and physical movement offers for TIN folk in BERLIN 

OUT*side is a project by and for trans* inter* and non-binary folks. It offers free exercise programs in parks and gyms in Berlin-Friedrichshain/ Kreuzberg as well as online. The focus of the project is to increase health and well-being of the participants. It is also about creating spaces for empowerment together.
Our activities are free of charge and membership is not required.

From FEBRUARY 2022 we are live (OUTDOOR) in Berlin with different offers and of course ONLINE.

Covid Time
We have decided to offer online sport trainings for trans*, inter* and nonbinary people as part of the OUT*side project. We know that they can be strongly affected by the current "shutdown" and especially by health impairments and consequences. For this purpose, we have the OUT*side project. Because especially in this time we think it is important to pay attention to each other and try to provide a safer space. Now you don´t have to be in Berlin to joy us! :-P

Until June 2021, great online offerings have taken place so that we could fight Covid: Hatha Yoga Flow with Ivo, Yang-style taijiquan (Tai-Chi) with Makisig Akin, Feldenkreis with Moritz, Meditation with Rhama. A very special and unique offer in Europe was "Back health for people who (have) worn binders" with Joon. As we find this offer especially important we have decided to offer it at Seitenwechsel in the regular training (online)! The new name for the same offer is now "Back*Health". Click here for all info

This year we had the opportunity to work with Lea Maria on self-defence. We at Seitenwechsel would like to emphasise this offer and the need for it much more. Therefore, Lea Marie will start every week in the regular sport offers from 15 November. If you are interested, please contact us here:
All info click here!

All our trainers are trans*inter* and/or non-binary. We are always looking for new trainers (professionals or amateurs) who would like to develop new offers with us. If you are interested, contact us at outside(at)

OUT*side is now also on Instagram and Facebook There you can get to know our team and the trainers and find the latest information. Like and follow to us!


Date: Sunday, 11.06.2023
Time: 12 - 3pm
Meeting place: Juggerfeld of the Jugger e.V. on the Tempelhofer Feld. Google Maps click here
Offer in cooperation with Jugger e.V.
Languages: German, English
Special feature: your cis women friends are invited to come along as your +1 to the workshop
The trainings are open for all levels and currently take place under 2G regulation.

Description: Jugger can be described as a mixture of fencing and rugby, a dynamic team sport in which the activity of all players is required. The goal is to capture the game ball (jugg) and keep the opposing team away from the person carrying the ball. For this purpose, sports equipment padded with foam, so-called pompfen, are used. Anyone who is touched by a pompfe kneels for a few seconds. The highly dynamic nature of the sport requires concentration, teamwork and the ability to react to constant changes on the field, and is of course incredibly fun! The multiple positions allow players of very different backgrounds (size, strength, etc.) to play together and utilize their strengths.
The sport was developed from an action movie in 1993 and has been played in mixed-age and mixed-gender teams ever since. Despite this, there are often cismale-dominated structures, but these have been breaking down more and more in recent years. Let's do our part and claim this wonderful sport for ourselves!

The training takes place at Tempelhofer Feld. Unfortunately the changing and toilet facilities there are not really good, so come already in sportswear if possible. If you have cleats, soft knee pads and/or gloves, please bring them with you. Otherwise you only have to bring enough water - and of course motivation!

You want to get an impression of Jugger? Click here you can watch the video.

Coach: Jani (They/them) has been playing Jugger for four years, is currently coaching the university sports course of Jugger e.V. and is otherwise mainly involved in the community's awareness work. Outside of Jugger, Jani is a student, freelance workshop trainer and drag quing, enjoys cycling and likes anything rainbow colored. See more about Jani...

Coach: Kilian (He/Him), has known Jugger since he was 15, started in 2018 and after a two-year break found his motivation for Jugger at the top level. He taught a university sports course and is increasingly enjoying explaining jugger basics and footwork to beginners. When he's not at Jugger practice, he plays bass in a band and can be found at the university from time to time. See more about Kilian...

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4 dates: 09.06., 07.07., 11.08., 08.09.2023
Time: 6:30 - 9:00 pm (very important: meet punctually at 6:30, we go in together).
Meeting point: Main entrance Beach 61 (park side/U-Bahn bridge). Park Gleisdreieck. Click here for map!
Languages: German/ English
Places: 9 participants

Technique exercises followed by free play. Do you want to learn beach volleyball or just have fun playing sports? Then come by and learn the basics of the game, then try it out for yourself during free play. We'll start the session with a round of introductions with names and pronouns. Then we will begin with a crash course in overhand and underhand serving. The rest oft he time we make free play. The main goal here is to have fun! For all trans*, inter*, and non-binary folks. Limit 9 participants. Unfortunately, the changing facilities and restrooms on-site are labelled to binary spaces for men and women.

Coach: Christopher* Ballsport+, mondays at Seitenwechsel e.V. "I live for sports, I am a sports academic and have been active with Seitenwechsel e.V. since 2012. Beach volleyball is my favourite sport, although I played football for years. It is just so nice to move in the sand... See more about Christopher...

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Date: June 11, 2023
Meeting point: Gesundbrunnen train station

(All those who have registered will receive the exact departure time and further details in good time.)

Circular hike to the Großer Präßnicksee

We start in Joachimsthal and hike via Parlow to the Großer Präßnicksee.

If the weather plays along and depending on the local conditions, this could be the first opportunity for swimming (but without a guarantee!). From the lake it goes through the Poratz moraine landscape and back to Joachimsthal. Route length approx. 20 km

Ticket: We offer the joint use of the Brandenburg ticket (with maximum use, the round trip costs €6.60).

It is possible to bring a dog.

Regarding the Corona rules of procedure, we will follow the actual general conditions.

Coacher: Nora (68), Transwoman, board member of TransInterQueer e.V. For more than 10 years I have been travelling in Brandenburg and have got to know fascinating landscapes through my numerous hikes. I would like to pass on my rich knowledge and experience within the framework of a hiking group. I would like my fascination to be contagious. See more about Nora...

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4 Dates: 14.06., 27.06., 13.07., 03.08.2023
Time: 6 pm - 9 pm
Languages: German and English

1st date: Wednesday, June 14
Location: Boulderfelsen am Zachert Sportplatz
(Entrance: Eggendorfer Straße, Bietzkestraße - pass the soccer fields on the right in the direction of the table tennis tables, then the boulder rocks are already visible)

2nd date: Tuesday, June 27th
Place: Volksgarten Friedrichshain

3rd date: Thursday, July 13th
Place: Sportpark Neues Ufer
(Eingang: Wiebestraße - beim Jugendklub Schlupfwinkel hineingehen!)

4th date: August 3rd
Place: Wuhletalwächter
(Eingang: Kemberger Straße)

On three evenings, we will climb at different outdoor bouldering walls in Berlin. Instead of a rope and harness, we'll climb in a safe jumping height with boulder mats (crashpads) underneath! We'll warm up together and go through a few basic climbing techniques and safety points. Then you are free to try different "problems" – from simple to tricky. Bouldering strengthens many different muscle groups, and helps increase your overall strength, endurance and concentration skills. Movements can be slow and steady or quick and dynamic. You decide what level and type of climbing is the best fit for you. You'll need to bring comfortable clothing, a water bottle and athletic or climbing shoes. The event will be canceled in case of heavy rain.
Bring: Climbing shoes or tight-fitting athletic shoes, water, food.

Coach: Finn Rebelle, our Bouldern coach is 31 genderqueer, passionate climbing trainer & fitness coach, founder of Out*side cooperation partner Queerclimb
See more about Finn...

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Time: 01:00-03:00 PM

Meeting point: non-swimmer pool in PRINZENBAD
Languages: German/ English
Places: 8 participants
Target group: TIN and Friends

Do you like balls and being in the water? Water volleyball offers you both. Join us and let's have fun!

Trainer: Christopher* sports scientist and trainer at Seitenwechsel (Ballsport+ on Mondays)

No registration, come by!

Important info for TIN folk to hike!

For our walks in Brandenburg, longer S-Bahn journeys or journeys on regional trains are required. The meeting points are - as far as possible - within the city (Gesundbrunnen or Ostkreuz) to give you the easiest and safest access possible. The subsequent rides will then take place under the protection of the group, where you can always feel in good hands. If you have any questions or needs for a safe arrival and departure, please let us know.

Travel costs
We try to keep travel costs associated with our walks as low as possible. Wherever possible, we offer the use of the Brandenburg-Ticket. If the travel costs still prevent you from taking part in the hikes, we are happy to find individual solutions. Please inform us of your needs when you register.


Thursdays, 27.07. und 10.08.2023
Time: 6:00 - 7:30pm
Meeting place: Hall: Urbanstr. 166
Languages: German, English
The trainings are open for all levels
Bring along: Indoor shoes, comfortable clothes + table tennis bat (if it is possible).

You always wanted to know what counter, push or topspin is all about? This workshop is for all those who want to get to know table tennis, those who have discovered it since Corona or those who have been playing for 10+ years. Here you can continue to build your skills and come to the table with other TIN*s. We will playfully work on some technique and theory basics and then implement them at the plate.

Trainer_in: Ivo (he) was already active for the OUT*side program as a yoga instructor in 2021 and is now happy to do sports together again. Ivo has played table tennis in his childhood and youth for many years in the club and gained a lot of playing experience. He would like to share this with all interested TIN*s. See more about Ivo...

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Appointments: from 10.01. until 25.04.2023 ((Extension March and April!)
Time: 5:30-6:30pm
Where: Ferdinand Freilingrath Schule, Bergmannstr.
Language: English with German support

In november and december Moritz will introduce you to the Feldenkrais Method. This somatic method is named after its founder Moshe Feldenkrais. Moritz teaches lessons in Awareness through Movement. These lessons teach a better perception of everyday movement patterns and enable you to learn movement alternatives. Feldenkrais is appropriate for everyone, even if you have pain or limitations. No previous knowledge necessary.
Please have a blanket at hand on which you can lie comfortably and dress warm and comfortable.

Trainer: Moritz G. Sander "Some people know me in the queer Berlin scene from other contexts, for example as a moderator or drag king. I completed my training as a Feldenkrais teacher in 2018 and I am happy to be able to make this offer to the FINT Community now through the OUTside Project". See more about Moritz...

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Regarding the Corona Conduct Rule:

Please have a blanket and/or a small towel at hand on which you can lie comfortably and dress warm and comfortable.

Please wear a mask in the changing room and when being close to others. Once we are on the mats the masks are voluntary - we have windows open during class and keep distance.

This project is sponsored by the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg's planning and coordination department for health.


Seitenwechsel in Kooperation mit TrIQ, Gladt e.V. und dem Sonntags-Club