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Movement and athletics program for trans*, inter*, non-binary folks and women*friends

OUT*side is an initiative for trans*, inter*, non-binary folks and women*friends which offers wide-ranging movement and athletic activities alongside a host of other health-related courses and workshops on empowerment through movement. Together with partners TrIQ, Gladt e.V., and Sonntags-Club, we host free events in parks and gymnasiums throughout Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. OUT*side is sponsored by the planning and coordination department for health of the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.

Our activities are free of charge and membership is not required.

With this project, we strive to create an open community and a safe and welcoming space that allows all our participants to feel comfortable and have a good time. Our activities are designed to eliminate any pressure related to competition or athletic performance.

Everyone has the opportunity to participate as they feel comfortable and in line with their own abilities and level of physical fitness. We strive to be considerate of different gender identities and hope that we can help our participants achieve a positive body image. We offer weekly events at different locations. You can view the current schedule in our program.

In the OUT*side project, working with Trans* Inter* and non-binary people, the following prerequisites are in the foreground, in addition to the fun of sport, which make participation probable: An open community in which the person is addressed with the right pronoun, the participant is visible as a person and does not have to hide their own identity. The premise is also a space that is perceived as safe, which makes it possible to move without fear or shame. The fact that these apparently self-evident needs often cannot be satisfied in sports clubs leads to a frequent absence from sports of Trans* and Inter*. We hope to be able to make a contribution in order to achieve a trend reversal for the future.

OUT*side was first founded in June 2017. Since then we have expanded to include a diverse array of activities and groups: ice-skating, running group, triathlon group, yoga, Wen-Do, self-defense, stick-fighting, freestyle fitness, capoeira/percussion, parkour, Power*fit in the Park, Feministische Kampfkunst (feminist martial arts), bouldering, Challenge*Fitness evenings, Trash*Dance, qigong, calisthenics, tai chi chuan, fan fighting, beach volleyball, Empower your Body, Rollentausch Tanzen (role-reversal ballroom dancing), the Tanz*Brunch dance brunch, voguing, and the Fun-Rad bicycle rally.

As of September 2018, all of our coaches are trans*, inter*, and/or non-binary. We are always on the lookout for new coaches (professional or amateur) to help us expand our program. If you are interested in coaching, please feel free to contact us at outside(at)

Dieses Projekt wird finanziert vom Bezirksamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Planungs- und Koordinierungsstelle Gesundheit.


Seitenwechsel in Kooperation mit TrIQ, Gladt e.V. und dem Sonntags-Club