BIPoC- Kung Fu

Attention: paused till mid of 2022
Training in English

We empower each other by interacting and practicing the traditional Northern Chinese Martial Arts. Here we understand the importance of understanding that empowering the body and its confidence in its capacity, gives collective empowerment in our “beingness” with ourselves and each other. Here we practice how to have a trustful body that is resilient to change and has a strong connection to the ground. Ready for any change.

As it was said by the instructor’s Sifu: “Acceptance of change as a constant in our lives in a core value accepted by those who aspire to the development of a "constant heart”. The constant heart enables the martial artist to better cope with any attack while it helps the everyday person to better cope with an ever chang-ing world. Kung fu is the process by which we develop our constant heart and it is through our acceptance of change that we learn to better cope with this rapidly changing world.”

Our teacher is a Filipino, immigrant, queer artist of color. Their name is Makisig Akin. The majority of Makisig Akin’s training in martial arts includes: Filipino Martial Arts, Taiji, qigong, Yang taiji, Chen taiji, Praying Mantis, and Pigua form.

Wednesday, 17:45-19:15 - all levels are welcome (Training in English), 
Refik Veseli, Skalitzer Str. 55

Trainer_in: Makisig Akin

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*BIPoC: We welcome anyone who self-identifies as both trans*, inter* and Black/ Indigenous/ People of Color(1) Inter*, Intersex, Trans*, Transgender, Transsexual, Travestis, Two-Spirit, … and those who are descended (through one or more parents) from anywhere in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Indigenous peoples of Australasia, the Americas, the Caribbean, Indian Pacific, and Roma, Sinti (and) Travellers and people of mixed ancestry/origin. (This does not include either descents of Europeans who migrated to Africa, Asia or the Americas for occupational/colonial reasons or white European migrants). (1) This definition of PoC is based on experiences and it reflects our realities in a European context. This definition is a work in progress and is vulnerable to critic.