Martial Dancing (Contemporary dance)

Attention: The training takes place outside im Park and with bad weather online. For more information please contact directly with Kristianne: kkrey26(at)

This class is deeply inspired by the principles of traditional martial arts and improvisational dance combine. The swiftness of martial arts and its connectivity with the environment and borrowed energy and the non-attachment of improvisation and creative existence in space and decision making in real time.

This combination makes a fun filled, sweat inducing, community building space of movement. Letting go and letting some good in. The class puts you in a playful filled exploration of your body and its ability to relate, contrast, connect, and be in the present moment.

Expect to play, to let your inner child roam wild as it reconnects its relationship with the body that you have now. WE will work on our reflexes, rediscovering our feet, our fear and excitement to the floor and maybe even flying. With trust all is possible.

Monday, 19.30-21.00 - all levels are welcome (Training in English)
Fichtelgebirge Primary School, Görlitzer Ufer 2
Coach: Kristianne

Start: 25.11.2019

Umkleiden und Willkommenskultur Information

Wir planen nach de Herbst Ferien mit der Gruppe anfangen, genau wenn wir genug interessierte dabei sind. We plan to start with the group after the autumn holidays, just when we have enough interested people.

Open to women, lesbians, trans*, inter*.
If you are interested, please contact our office at (030) 215 9000 (Tue, Wed, Th 11-13 o'clock) or by e-mail: training(at)