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Your feedback is welcome! 

Seitenwechsel considers itself an organization that prioritizes respectful interactions and open, safe spaces. However, if you have had an unsatisfactory experience, please contact us. Complaints and feedback help us to develop into the organization that we want to be. That means we are also happy to hear positive feedback if you like the way we do things.

Where can I submit feedback?

To our office: To submit information and complains about the condition of our athletic spaces and on-site changing facilities, please write to  buero(at) Your email will be received by one of our full-time employees. They are responsible for these topics and will provide you with an answer as soon as possible. You can also call our Office or stop by in person.

To our feedback team: To our feedback team: If you have any additional feedback or if you would like to discuss any issues, such as discrimination, you can contact our feedback team personally or anonymously. Our current team consistes of Anne. The team functions like independent consultants working on a volunteer basis. The members do not work in our office or as coaches. Our team will process your complaint as quickly as possible and handle your case confidentially. They will work together with you to find a solution or solutions for how to respond to your feedback.

Write to feedback(at) or use the form below. You can also fill out the form anonymously. You are not required to disclose your contact information if you do not want us to reply. If you would like a response, Anne and Klee will do their best to reply within one week.

To coaches: Naturally you are free to speak to our coaches if any issues arise – a personal conversation with them may also be helpful.

To our board: If none of these feedback options are satisfactory, you can also contact our board by writing to vorstand(at)

Information on data privacy: Please include your personal contact information if you would like to receive a response from us or if you would like to work together to handle any complaint you may have. We store your contact information only as long as is required for us to process your feedback. You may revoke our permission to store your information at any time and we will delete your data. We store the content of your message anonymously and sort it according to topic area. Your feedback is used internally to help us make improvements and recognize potential problems early on. Our advisory council and our board conduct a general evaluation of our feedback once or twice each year.

Feedback Form

Feedback Form