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There are many sports clubs in Berlin. We are a sports club for women/lesbians, trans*, inter* and girls. SEITENWECHSEL was founded in 1988.

Today, our club is a queer-feminist space for sports, movement and learning that is organized by full-time staff and many volunteers. We want women, lesbians, trans*inter* people and girls to participate and have self-determination in sport and elsewhere.

We fight against all forms of discrimination. We reject all forms of discrimination. We want to create spaces that are as safe as possible. Everyone should feel comfortable with us.

SEITENWECHSEL has over 1000 club members in over 75 sports groups. There are also school working groups and project groups. We offer a colorful mix of different sports. Our activities focus on having fun with exercise and being together.

We also try to change the world outside of SEITENWECHSEL! The club is active in sports projects with project partners from Berlin, Germany and even Europe.

What is particularly important to us:

  • Gender self-definition counts. You decide how you want to be addressed.
  • You decide your name and your pronoun. We mutually accept how people want to be addressed.
  • Names and pronouns can change (just like other things).
  • There are many ways in which people are excluded. For example, there is racism, classism and ableism. No form of discrimination is more important than another. Different forms of discrimination can intersect and create unique dynamics and effects.
  • We would like to see a conscious approach to discrimination in the club. The language used in sports groups should appeal to all people. It should not exclude anyone.
  • Mistakes can happen. We want to learn from our mistakes. That's why we have a feedback system, for example. We look forward to your suggestions!