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You have certainly read it in the press or followed the discussions on the necessary extension of the nationwide lockdown:
This is currently being extended until mid of April 2021.

The restrictions for club and swimming sports (amateur sports) continue to apply. Competitive and professional sports and medically prescribed rehabilitation sports are permitted under the known conditions. 

The development remains to be seen and we will inform accordingly. The sports fields, sports halls and parks are therefore NOT open for club sports. You can always find the current status of the offers in our


The sports fields, sports halls and parks are once again open for club sports.
If you are not yet able or do not want to participate in the sport, there is still a
Online sports offer on IN*seitenwechsel you might find an alternative.

If you are not able to participate in an offer, there is the possibility to pause your club membership. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at info(at)

Below you will find our implementation rule. Or a short version here.

The following conditions will allow the resumption of sporting activities when they should be allowed again.
We currently do not expect this to be before mid-April!


Hygiene concept for sports and training outdoors and in sports halls or gymnasiums

The following conditions will enable the resumption of sports operations.

Please note how this is handled at Seitenwechsel

With the participation in the sport I take note of this detailed version!

Please note how this is handled when changing pages. Until further notice, sports and training operations will be carried out on sports fields and other outdoor sports facilities agreed

1) Participation in sports and training with COVID-19 symptoms and respiratory symptoms, i.e. signs of cold, flu symptoms, acute loss of sense of smell and taste is prohibited!

2. In the event of a positive corona test, all persons with whom the person concerned has had contact will be excluded from training for 14 days, unless they are quarantined anyway by the district health authority.

3. The trainers take responsibility for the firmly registered group and have to make sure that the hygiene concept is observed. The control of the access to the sports facility is to be regulated by the trainer/contact person of the club, Contact must be avoided and queues must be avoided. Entering and leaving the sports facility must be done via separate entrances and exits, if available. If there is only one common entrance and exit, any contact must be avoided.

4. Training groups will be divided by the instructors, a participant list is mandatory. This will be sent to the office after the training. All participants automatically agree to the transmission of first and last name and adress, telephone number to the office of Seitenwechsel with their participation, so that people to point 2 can be identified if necessary. The storage of the data is subject to legal requirements.

5. Only a limited number of people are allowed to stay on a training area. The size results from a newly issued guideline for the calculation of areas. This is individually determined for each hall and known to your training supervisor.
The maximum number of simultaneously allowed users depends on the size of the sports hall. The guideline is 15 x 27 m = maximum 30 persons. Small sports halls may be used with correspondingly fewer people at the same time.

6) The stay of all persons not belonging to the training group in the sports hall including the adjoining rooms is not permitted.

7. The training supervisor is obliged to point out the compliance with the hygiene rules before the start of the sports unit, especially when using the toilets. Before the start of the sports unit, they must also explain to the athletes the applicable restrictions for the exercise of the sport itself (limited number of persons in martial arts per group, training of game situations allowed, otherwise select exercises that are as contact-free as possible). The most important hygiene measure is frequent, regular and thorough hand washing with soap especially after blowing the nose, coughing or sneezing; after using public transport; after contact with stair railings, door handles, handholds etc., before and after eating; before putting on and taking off a protective mask, after going to the toilet.

8. Maximum ventilation of the interior of the hall and changing rooms during the training session must be ensured. If the equipment is equipped with tilting windows, all windows are to be kept open during the sports activity. If there is the possibility of a shock or cross ventilation, this is to be carried out after each unit of use (after two hours at the latest) for a period of ten minutes.

9. The showers and changing rooms can be used again. If possible, we recommend that athletes in sportswear come directly to the training location. The toilets should be used individually.

10. The changing areas are opened, the minimum distance of 1.5 m is to be kept and only a corresponding number of people may use the changing rooms at the same time. A mouth and nose protector must be used!

11. The showers may be used again with a distance if necessary. Bathing slippers must be worn. Otherwise, personal hygiene is not allowed on the sports grounds. Adequate ventilation in the changing rooms and toilets must be ensured (windows must be closed when leaving the hall).

12. Sports and exercise are to be carried out as contact-free as possible. A minimum distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained at all times during training. Technical, athletic and tactical training is permitted, provided that the minimum distance of 1.5 metres is observed.
Playing situations may take place again depending on the hygiene concept of the sports association. The coaches will work out suitable forms of training for this purpose and, if necessary, will coordinate these with the office (hygiene officer there).

13. During breaks in training, such as when drinking or at meetings, the minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained, the control is the responsibility of the trainers.

14. The usage times are generally reduced by 10 minutes.

(Status: 06.08.2020)