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OUT*side – Movement and sports by and for trans* inter* and non-binary folks

OUT*side is a project by and for trans* inter* and non-binary folks (TIN). It offers free exercise programs in parks and gyms in Berlin-Friedrichshain/ Kreuzberg as well as online. The focus of the project is to increase health and well-being of the TIN participants. It is also about creating spaces for empowerment together.

With each offer we want to create an open community, where we pay attention to a sensitive handling of gender identities, where people are addressed with the correct pronoun, where the TIN participants can be visible as a person and do not have to hide their own identity. The spaces should be perceived as safe, we want to feel comfortable, experience our bodies in a positive way and have good time with sport. Our activities are designed to eliminate any pressure related to competition or athletic performance. Each person moves according in line with their own abilities and level of physical fitness.

The fact that these apparently self-evident needs often cannot be satisfied in sports clubs leads to a frequent absence from sports of trans* inter* and non-binary. We hope to be able to make a contribution in order to achieve a trend reversal for the future.

We offer a variety of sports events at different locations and currently online. You can view the current schedule in our program.

All our trainers are trans*inter* and/or non-binary. We are always looking for new trainers (professionals or amateurs) who would like to develop new offers with us. If you are interested, contact us at outside(at)

Our activities are free of charge and membership is not required.

The project is funded by the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Health Planning and Coordination Office.


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