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Movement and sport program by and for trans*, inter*, non-binary folks

OUT*side is a project by and for trans* inter* and non-binary folks. It offers free exercise programs in parks and gyms in Berlin-Friedrichshain/ Kreuzberg as well as online. The focus of the project is to increase health and well-being of the participants. It is also about creating spaces for empowerment together.

Our trainers are Trans*Inter* and/or not binary. Here you can now read more information about our OUT*side team!

We are always looking for new trainers (professionals or amateurs), who want to develop new offers with us. If you are interested please contact us at outside(at)

OUT*side is now also on Instagram and FacebookThere you can get to know our team and the trainers and find the actual info. Like and subscribe to us!

Project Manager and Power*Fitness Coach: Martin Muñoz

Martin Muz (they/them). A spanish trans guy who live in Berlin since 2009 and since then try to bring more accesibilty in sport to them TINB Comunity. Personal Fitness Trainer, Power*Fitness Coach by Seitenwechsel and Canoe Polo Coach in the FU (Free University Berlin).

“OUT*side is the most beloved project I have been able to develop in my career as a trans activist in the world of sports. OUT*side allows trans, inter, and non-binary (TIN) people to access and try out many different sports and physical activities. It started in 2017 in Berlin, and with the arrival of COVID-19 we have broaden our scope to offer trainings and sessions online to TIN people all over the world. ⠀
We are always excited about meeting new people who participate and enjoy doing sports with us. We hope to continue the OUT*side project for many years, as these kinds of initiatives are very important for our community.“

Jugger Coach: Kilian

Kilian (He/Him), has known Jugger since he was 15, started in 2018 and after a two-year break found his motivation for Jugger at the top level. He taught a university sports course and is increasingly enjoying explaining jugger basics and footwork to beginners. When he's not at Jugger practice, he plays bass in a band and can be found at the university from time to time.
"We would like to take advantage of Jugger's wonderful potential to become as gender inclusive as it likes to be already. At OUT*side, we can play sports together with other TIN* people and create a place where we can learn jugger in a relaxed way without having to fight for recognition of our identity at the same time."

Jugger Coach: Jani

Jani (They/them) has been playing Jugger for four years, is currently coaching the university sports course of Jugger e.V. and is otherwise mainly involved in the community's awareness work. Outside of Jugger, Jani is a student, freelance workshop trainer and drag quing, enjoys cycling and likes anything rainbow colored.
"We would like to take advantage of Jugger's wonderful potential to become as gender inclusive as it likes to be already. At OUT*side, we can play sports together with other TIN* people and create a place where we can learn jugger in a relaxed way without having to fight for recognition of our identity at the same time."

Poledance coach: Noé

Noé (all pronouns) is a pole dancer of five years and an enthusiastic (and qualified) instructor of two years. Pole Dance is not Noé's first athletic love, but currently the only (and by far most passionate) one, which they love to share with their students. Noé is a PSO silver medallist, part of the team at Drehmoment Berlin, judge for the Great British Pole Championships and can not wait to meet you all!
Photo: Leanne Newton

Kickboxen coach: David

David Saltoni (he) is an international referee in high full contact kick boxing, a trained coach in self defense and has over 11 years experience as a certified nutritionist and fitness trainer.

self defense coach: Lea Marie

Lea Marie Uría (she) is a writer, journalist, musician and dance performer born in Argentina and living in Berlin since 2012. She has been involved in many dance performances related to improvisation, practicing martial arts such as capoeira and systema, and dance disciplines such as, among others, butoh, a type of dance that emerged in Japan after World War II.

"I think it's pretty great to be able to offer a workshop at OUT*side. In a transition, a lot of it is about self-assertion and it's also very good to be able to work with the body. There were always for me personally OUT*side and Seitenwechsel very good options to be able to achieve both."

Hiking Coach: Nora Eckert

Nora, she, (68), trans woman, board member of TransInterQueer e.V.
For more than 10 years I have been travelling in Brandenburg and have got to know fascinating landscapes through my numerous hikes. I would like to pass on my now rich knowledge and experience within the framework of a hiking group. I would like my fascination to be contagious.

"Hiking is the best anti-stress program I know and at the same time the most beautiful fitness program for body and soul. I would like to share this experience with other people. That's why I came to Seitenwechsel and got involved in his OUT*side project, because here I can not only invite people to go hiking, but as a transfer woman I can also do something positive in and for the community. Furthermore, I always get to know interesting people when hiking in a group".

Table tennis and Hatha Yoga Flow Coach: Ivo

Ivo (he) was already active for the OUT*side program as a yoga instructor in 2021 and is now happy to do sports together again. Ivo has played table tennis in his childhood and youth for many years in the club and gained a lot of playing experience. He would like to share this with all interested TIN*s.
He trained yoga teacher since 2018. Yoga is an important part of my everyday life, helps me to keep my body flexible and my mind balanced. Yoga is a helpful practice for me to keep reminding myself of serenity, focus and breathing.
I am very happy to be part of the OUT*side project and to be able to offer yoga for the TIN Community. It's great that it creates so many different sports options for trans * inter * non-binary people. Most of the yoga locations are otherwise very cis and hetero normative and intended for slim, ableism bodies. In yoga I like the mixture of being gentle with one's own body and recognizing its limits and at the same time being empowered to face challenges and being able to slowly expand physical limits and thus experience the body in transformation. Most of all I like to do yoga together and thus motivate each other and carry them in movement.

Ice Skating Coach: Robin

Robin (they/them) loves sports, exercise and being out in nature. Whether on snowshoes, in a kayak or on a bike. At Seitenwechsel, Robin offers canoe trips and at OUT*side, he offers ice skating.
"I love being outside all day, gorging myself on pasta and pesto around the campfire in the evening, and then laying down in the tent exhausted. I look forward to working with you to create a space where everyone can feel comfortable. Everyone is just right the way they are. You are valid. Especially in sports, it is important to work in a gender-reflective and discrimination-sensitive way. I have been looking for such places for a long time in vain. That's why I'm all the more excited to be part of the OUT*side team and to share my passion for sports and exercise with others."

Bouldern Coach: Finn Rebelle

Finn (er) is a licensed climbing and fitness instructor and has been leading courses in various contexts for over 8 years. In 2016, Finn founded the project QUEERCLIMB to offer climbing courses and other outdoor activities to Berlin's LGBTIQ community.

"I live for climbing. As a trainer, I want to share my passion with others and support them in taking their first steps on rock and wall. Because climbing is about exactly what can also strengthen our community: Finding confidence in your own strength and abilities, accepting challenges, supporting each other. With this in mind, I try to make my courses as accessible as possible, because: Climbing is for everyone!"


Beachvolley Coach: Christopher Paul

Christopher (he/him), our Beachvolley coach!

I live for sports, I am a sports academic and have been active with Seitenwechsel e.V. since 2012. Beach volleyball is my favourite sport, although I played football for years. It is just so nice to move in the sand. OUT*side is a very important project as it enables T*I*NB to do sports in a low-discrimination environment.

For me as a trainer it is also totally relaxed and relieving, because I can turn my "discrimination radar" very quietly. At OUT*side Beachvolleyball we practice a little bit of the technique and then play free. It is like a little holiday trip with friends, be there :-) ".

Back Fitness coach: Joon

Joon (er) is a licensed trainer for health sports and rehabilitation sports / orthopedics and prefers to offer queer sports with Seitenwechsel and Pfeffersport. I am happy to be able to create another space with you, in which we can feel comfortable with our bodies as they are and our identities - without binary performance pressure, passing pressure whatever ...

As we find this offer especially important we have decided to offer it at Seitenwechsel in the regular training (online)! The new name for the same offer is now "Back*Health". Click here for all info.

Meditation Coach: Rhama

Rhama is a non-binary multidisciplinary artist from Chile, based in Berlin since 2015. They are trained in Acting, Movement, Hair & Make-up and Meditation. They are very passionate about all of them and also about singing. 'I enjoy so much sharing myself and my knowledge with people, especially the queers. My artistry and work is dedicated to us, because we are wonderful!'
'I’m so thrilled to join the OUT*side project, I am so glad there are spaces dedicated specially for us trans*, inter* and non-binary people. I want to give something special that’s for us only, where we can relax and fly away far from time together.'

Ice Skating Coach: Alvina

Alvina (she/her). I am a performance artist, writer, teacher, and trans woman. I am from Sweden and USA but I live in Berlin since 2015. I have also trained skating, figure skating and can teach many basic skills. I feel that it is important that we can move, teach, learn and hang out TIN*-people together. I look forward to seeing and meeting you all in December on the ice! See you then!

Feldenkrais Coach: Moritz

Moritz G. Sander "Some people know me in the queer Berlin scene from other contexts, for example as a moderator or drag king. I completed my training as a Feldenkrais teacher in 2018 and am happy to be able to make this offer to the FINT community now through the OUTside Project".

Contact Impro/Kung fu/Qigong/Tai-Chi Coach: Makisig Akin

Makisig Akin, our Contact Imporo, Kung fu/Qigong/Tai-Chi coach. Choreographer. Dance Artist. Facilitator. Activist.
"I am a queer, transgender Filipino born and raised in the Philippines. My artistic work, teaching and creations focuses on strengthening the recognition of intersectional identities, reconnecting with my ancestry, and decentralizing Western ideologies in dance making. I co-direct The Love Makers, a dance company with Anya Cloud."
“OUT*side project is unique and important for the trans, inter, non-binary, and queer community because it highlights the need for creating spaces that are centring trans, inter, non-binary, and queer people. I feel honoured and grateful to be a part of the OUT*side project and to get to live my dream of being in a focused movement space of individuals who I feel energised and inspired by. I am happy to be able to share my knowledge of kung fu and traditional martial arts to my community. Thank you for the opportunity and I hope to see you at the next training!“

Photo credit: Tony Stewart


Power*Fitness Coach: Robben Dell

Robbin, one of our Power*Fitness trainers. Three-time national champion at the Ugandan Athletics Championships, Robben represented Uganda at the 2011 World Championships in Athletics and was the 800m gold medallist at the 2011 All-Africa Games.
⠀ ⠀
“The OUT*side project is really fantastic. We have a really good fitness practice and we welcome everybody to come and join the exercises. We do body fitness to make our bodies healthy and our mind relaxed. It is also a great opportunity to meet new people.“⠀

Radtour Coach: Noah

Noah (they / he) has been enthusiastically doing sports at Seitenwechsel since 2018. Noah loves to play football, do (power*)fitness, yoga, boulder, swim and go on hiking and cycling tours or explore nature from the water in a canoe. In their work at Seitenwechsel, Noah tries to create more opportunities where trans* inter* and non-binary people can feel comfortable and safe and do sports away from gender and body norms in an empowering community.
"I love being out in nature- especially on my bike! One thing I like most about it is feeling this freedom and exploring all the paths I encounter along the way. I am not much into mountains (only for hiking, not for cycling!), but I like to explore forests and lakes! I am super happy to offer a cycle tour in OUT*side together with Jo* - taking part in the OUT*side project has been a very empowering experience for me so far. There I feel very safe and supported and enjoy doing sports as part of a community a lot. I am very much looking forward to meeting new people on this tour!”

Cycle Tour Coach: Jo*

Jo* (no pronoun) Exercise and sports - especially outdoors in nature - give Jo* balance and strength. Jo*'s favourite element is water. As a young person Jo* was a swimmer* and then discovered the fascination of endurance sports. Jo* came to triathlon as a teenager* with running and road cycling. To move and to feel your own body is an empowering experience for Jo* and means for Jo* to break with gender.

Meditation Coach: Sarra Bouars

Sarra Bouars, our Meditation coach. Sarra is Tunisian-German with ancestral roots in Sufism. ⠀ ⠀

“Coming together to meditate, hear each others’ stories, struggles, insights, questions, and joys as trans/inter/non-binary community gives us a precious chance to create and deepen our individual and collective resilience together! Through OUT*side we get a safe container where we can make time for ourselves, to get real quiet, turn our attention inward, and listen to our inner voice, our hearts, our intuition, our inner wisdom, and our bodies. Without my practice, I believe I’d be lost, or at least a lot less grounded within myself. And that’s why I feel so strongly about sharing this resource with my peers: so that they can benefit from it, too. Come join us and start your meditation practice today! Now is the right moment. Looking forward to meeting you.“

Polendance Coach: Flo

Flo (He), trans man: "Poledancing started being an important part of my life several years ago. I love connecting to my body through dance and playing around with femininity and sexiness. Poledancing makes me feel so good in my body and I hope to create this atmosphere in my classes. Recently I took a course for teaching poledance and am now a certified trainer for Pole Fitness Beginner and Intermediate level.
I'm super happy to be able to share my passion with the trans*, inter* and non-binary community. I think it's super important to have spaces to connect and empower each other, and think dancing together is a great way to get to know new people. The OUT*side project makes sports more accessable for trans*, inter* and non-binary folks and I'm very grateful to be a part of it. Hope to dance with you soon!"

The project is funded by the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Health Planning and Coordination Office.


Seitenwechsel in Kooperation mit TrIQ, Gladt e.V. und dem Sonntags-Club