Structures for Trans* and Inter* im Sport

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Charter for Gender Diversity in Sport

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The Charter for Gender Diversity in Sport is a collection of the classic and above all critical issues that are important in the implementation of a sports club for all genders. The charter should be signed by the board of directors on behalf of the members, employees and coaches in the club. In doing so, the club or association declares its intention to address gender diversity and become a sports club or association for all genders.

For each of the nine charter points, we have developed a short knowledge module to illustrate what is meant and what can be done.

Your club/association or sports group could be next on the list!

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Information about the project:

Structures for Trans and Inter in Sport is a project to combat anti-trans and anti-inter hostility in sport. The project serves to collect, exchange and disseminate experience and knowledge about the needs and protection of transgender and intersex in sport. Based on the realisation that structural measures are necessary to eliminate structural discrimination, we would like to contribute with this project to the bundling and multiplication of expertise so that change can also take place on a broad scale.

The main goal of the project is, in the medium term, to offer more trans, inter and (among them) non-binary (TIN) athletes equal access, greater participation and better opportunities for development in sport, in line with the Teilhabe programme (a local funding programme).

Our overall approach is to provide educational opportunities, increase knowledge, raise awareness, create understanding and acceptance and thereby change structures. Actions include awareness-raising activities, identification and exchange of good practice, development of a charter on gender diversity in sport, increasing the competence of local multipliers through low-threshold educational modules, and the creation of local networks involving existing contacts with a wide range of stakeholders and sports federations at national level.

The project should answer questions from the following target groups:

- Sports clubs, sports associations and sports administrations 

- Sports stakeholders working at local (and sometimes national) level (professional and amateur clubs, etc.) 

- trans, inter and non-binary people 

- NGOs and other civil society actors active in the field of equality, LGBTIQ* or specific TIN* issues in sport.

In order to achieve the goal

  1.  a charter and educational modules for the work of the association are developed in a participatory process
  2. The created educational modules should be accessible to all Berlin sports clubs via print and online media. For this purpose, a cooperation with the regional sports confederation will be established.
  3. The products are to be developed and presented in expert meetings and round tables. 
  4. At the end of the 2nd project year, one larger or two smaller clubs are to be supported in an exemplary manner in "opening up" to gender diversity.

Duration of the project: 1.1.2020 - 31.12.2021

Project manager: 

Martin Munoz: martin(at)

Conny-Hendrik Schälicke conny_hendrik(at)

In collaboration with the Seitenwechsel Trans Inter Antidiscrimination Working Group (TrIAD)

The project is promoted by the Berlin Senate Department for the Interior and Sport.